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Other organizations affiliated with Sentinel Lodge #155


A number of related Masonic organizations exist, both local to Missoula and at large in Montana.

Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge AF&AM of Montana, familiarly known as Grand Loge, is the umbrella organization from which Sentinel Lodge #155, like all lodges in Montana, devolves its charter.  Grand View is the lodge management website provided by Grand Lodge

Missoula District

There are a number of other Masonic lodges in Missoula District, including Flint Creek Lodge #11 in Philipsburg, Missoula Lodge #13, Stevensville Lodge #28, Ruby Lodge #36 in Drummond, Ionic Lodge #38 in Hamilton, Victor Lodge #43, and Mountain Lodge #110 in Superior.

Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is open to both men, who must be Master Masons, and women, who must have specific relationships with Masons, such as daughter or wife.  Several of the brothers of Sentinel Lodge #155 and their relatives are members Immanuel Chapter #54.

York Rite, Scottish Rite, and Shriners

These attendant bodies admit Master Masons as members, and they exist to deepen a Mason's relationship with the fraternity and his brothers.  York Rite and Scottish Rite provide additional degrees for a Mason to extend his Masonic education.  The nearest Shrines, known especially for their philanthropic efforts, are Bagdad and Algeria Shrines in Butte and Helena, respectively.


DeMolay is a youth group of young men aged 12 to 21, established in 1919 after World War I. At that time there were many young men who had lost their fathers in the Great War, and founder Frank Land saw a need for these youths to have adult role models and mentors. DeMolay began with nine members, but within a few years it had grown into several states with hundreds of members.


Brother Shane Sterner, Senior Warden and Past Master of Sentinel Lodge #155, is now Dad Shane or Dad Sterner. Along with the Montana State Executive Director's Representative Trever Howard, Shane's goal is to revitalize a DeMolay Chapter headquartered in Missoula. 

If you are interested in helping DeMolay grow, volunteering as a Mentor, or know a young man between the ages of 12 to 21 that might be interested in joining, contact the Missoula County Advisors by sending an email to You can also check out the Facebook page or homepage for Montana DeMolay.

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